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Imara, in Swahili means firm and strong, in Arabic it means building and in Hebrew it means promise. Imara fragrances stays true to the different meanings of the word Imara, it is a brand built out of love for fragrances encompassing strong bold scents with a promise of satisfying whoever uses the perfume. Established in Mumbai,India, we at Imara wish to take you on a journey and experience the magic of the art of perfumery and help you find your signature scent from our various beautifully crafted fragrances that make you stand out from the herd, embodying individuality and allure, only with Imara.

What People Are Saying

Ria Chakraborthy

Imara Perfumes' Bloom by Night is a captivating fragrance with floral and oriental notes, perfect for special evenings. Its intoxicating allure of jasmine and ylang-ylang, combined with warm vanilla and musk, leaves a lasting impression.

Priyanshu Shukla

Imara Perfumes' Aroma Blu is a refreshing fragrance for confident men. Its invigorating citrus and aquatic notes, paired with spicy and woody undertones, make it suitable for any occasion.

Varun Mishra

Imara Perfumes' Silver Wood is a sophisticated fragrance for the modern man. Its fresh citrus top notes and rich woody undertones of cedar and vetiver command attention throughout the day.


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