About Us

Imara, in Swahili means firm and strong, in Arabic it means building and in Hebrew it means promise. Imara fragrances stays true to the different meanings of the word Imara, it is a brand built out of love for fragrances encompassing strong bold scents with a promise of satisfying whoever uses the perfume. Established in Mumbai,India, we at Imara wish to take you on a journey and experience the magic of the art of perfumery and help you find your signature scent from our various beautifully crafted fragrances that make you stand out from the herd, embodying individuality and allure, only with Imara.

Our Vision

We at Imara aspire to be the embodiment of elegance and sophistication, enchanting individuals in India and hopefully worldwide with our unique blend of fragrances that take inspiration from some of the best fragrances in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the Indian perfume market with our bold and fresh take on best selling fragrances worldwide. Imara fragrances bring luxury to you, using high quality ingredients and exquisite blends. With each spray, we aim to empower individuals to express their true selves and embrace the beauty of scent as a form of self-expression. With Imara fragrances, you will be on the heavy side of compliments without any heavy burden on your pocket.